Standard Bank Donates to Special Needs Schools

2020-01-10 00:00:00.0

Standard Bank holds an annual half marathon competition in Malawi which attracts athletes from across the world. In 2019, the race was patronized by over a thousand runners. In fulfilling the core goals of Be More Race, Standard Bank donated a range of food and learning materials such as braille to several schools for special needs in the country.

K15 Million was raised during the 2019 race. all this money was ussed to purchase the items for the 4 schools for special needs. The schools that have benefited from this year’s Be More Race are Ekwendeni School for the Blind, Karonga School for the Hard of Hearing, Chilanga School for the Blind and Malingunde School for the Blind.

Some of the food items donated are bags of maize, rice, beans, sugar while learning materials comprised braille materials such as machines and papers. The lot also included sunscreen lotion for people living with albinism.

This year the race will return on 13th of June, 2020. Come and run for a healthier you and for charity.