What is it?

QuicKash is an easy way of sending money to anyone in Malawi for as long as they have an active mobile number. The sender needs to be a Standard Bank account holder with 247 Online, *247#, or entreprise online from which to generate the payment. The recipient does not need to have an account as all they will need is an active mobile phone number. When redeeming the money from an atm, the recipient will not need a card. All they will do is press the QuicKash button on the Standard Bank ATM. Sending QuicKash costs MK250 only but withdrawing QuicKash on our ATMs is free of charge.

When sending money, the sender must ensure to send money that can be withdrawn in multiples of K2000 only. This means a sender can send between K2000 to K80 000 at a time/per voucher. The maximum amount anyone can send any amount of money per day, there is no limit. The voucher and the Pin are not re-usable. If you want to send any amount beyond K80 000.00, ensure you generate two separate vouchers of amount less than or equal to K80 000.00. The receiver needs to withdraw the entire amount sent to him/her per each voucher as the pin can only be used once.

How to generate a voucher from 247 Mobile

Dial *247#

Select QuicKash menu number 6

  1. Select option 1 (Purchase Voucher)
  2. Select account
  3. Enter the amount to send (between MK 2000 to MK 80 000 at a time)
  4. Enter beneficiary phone number starting with +265
  5. Select N for next
  6. Select 1 to confirm
  7. You will receive a 5 digit PIN that you will need to send the beneficiary

How to Generate a Voucher from 247 Online

  1. Log onto 247 Online
  2. On the dashboard, go to QuicKash
  3. Choose the account you want to pay from
  4. Enter beneficiary mobile number
  5. Enter amount
  6. Click next, then pay
  7. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) Through sms
  8. Enter the OTP
  9. Click on verify
  10. You will receive a 5 digit pin to  be shared with the beneficiary

How to Redeem QuicKash

  1. You will get a 9 digit voucher through sms
  2. Get a 5 digit pin from the sender
  3. Go to your nearest Standard Bank ATM
  4. Select QuicKash
  5. Enter the 9 digit voucher number
  6. Enter your mobile number starting with 8 or 9 (leave out the 0)
  7. Enter the 5 digit PIN and confirm.


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