Merchant solutions

Our merchant solutions have been designed to keep pace with your changing business needs, whether you need a standalone offering, or a more complex integrated solution.

What it offers you:

  • Accepts customer payments
  • Increases potential customer spend in your store
  • Reduces the risk associated with excessive cash handling
  • Enables effective cash flow, as settlement happens regularly.

Card acceptance
We are certified with a number of associations (i.e. VISA and MasterCard) to enable a wider variety of acceptance for your business.

Transaction types
Merchant solutions give you the flexibility to perform purchases, refunds and reversals.

Mark-off file
We provide you with a mark-off file that allows you to see all transactions down to device level, reducing time spent on manual processes.

Automatic end-of-day
We will automatically bank your terminals at the end of each day to ensure you have the cash flow to run your business on a daily basis.

Daily reports and monthly statements
Daily activity reports and monthly statements are automatically generated and emailed to your designated recipients.  

A readily available technical support team will manage your technical queries.

Fraud monitoring
We have a number of fraud-monitoring tools that detect suspicious behaviour and reduce potential losses to you and us as the bank.


A standalone merchant solution is an independent acceptance medium that does not integrate into your till system, and, as such, offers fast, cost-effective deployment into your store.

What it offers you:

  • State-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) devices that are sourced from international suppliers
  • Communication with devices occurs over GPRS
  • A complete PCI-DSS-compliant ecosystem to ensure your customers’ card details are never compromised
  • A mark-off file that enables difficulty free reconciliation
  • Acceptance of MasterCard and VISA.


Switchless solution (semi-integrated)

A switchless solution offers the value of enhanced reconciliation without large investment costs. With a switchless solution, we develop and deploy a simple software application onto your till system, which is then used as the pipeline to transmit transaction information from the device to your till system.

What it offers you:

  • A mark-off file that enables difficulty free reconciliation
  • Real-time transaction processing through a central system
  • A single point of entry for cashiers that enables a reduction in errors, resulting in an improved overall customer experience
  • Simple deployment
  • Acceptance of MasterCard and VISA.


Our eCommerce offering allows you to accept payments through your online website in a secure, fast and effective manner via the payment service provider of your choice.

What it offers you:

  • Transactions are completely secure (each transaction is authenticated)
  • A user-friendly web interface
  • The ability to view all transactions that occurred, enabling effective reconciliation
  • Flexible and open architecture, allowing quick configurations of new products
  • A check-out facility that is flexible
  • Acceptance of MasterCard and VISA.

*Note: If you do not have a payment service provider of choice for the above solution, we will assist with assigning one to your business.

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