Telegraphic Transfers

A telegraphic transfer is an electronic Instruction to send money from your Standard Bank account to a foreign bank account.

What does it offer me?

  • A telegraphic transfer is a convenient way of sending and receiving cross border payments at a competitive rate.
  • We process Inward Telegraphic transfers relating to export proceeds, donations, salaries etc., the beneficiaries of which can be local account holders, Foreign Currency Denominated Account holders or those maintaining accounts with other banks.
  • Inward Telegraphic Transfers to Foreign Currency Denominated Account holders are free.
  • Inward Telegraphic Transfers to local accounts attract a charge as per the bank’s tariffs.
  • We process Outward Telegraphic Transfers in respect of import payments, school fees, upkeep allowances, part earnings, subscriptions etc.
  • Applicants of outward Telegraphic Transfers must be Standard Bank account holders.


To apply?

Anyone wishing to send or receive a cross-border funds transfer through Standard Bank Malawi.

Documentation required

  • No documentation is required for Inward Telegraphic Transfers.
  • Outward Telegraphic Transfers are subject to Exchange Control Regulations which require the submission of an application letter accompanied by a Proforma invoice or relative documentation supporting the application.
  • Outward Telegraphic Transfers applications are subject to Exchange Control Approval.



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