Because Your Voice Matters

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We value all of our customers and we strive to give you the best service we can on any given day. Ensuring that you get great service is a key focus for our business. We recognise that in some instances we fall short on this commitment. However, we want to deal with any query and issue you may have regardless of where you experienced it. If you have an issue with a Standard bank service, be it at a branch or any of the digital channels, come to us with your issue, we'll help you resolve your it.

Please reach out to us through our Customer call Centres below:

  • Business Banking customers. Dial 242/ +265 999 901 5002/ +265885 920 002.


  • Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB). Dial 248/ +265 999 901 5003/ +265 885 920 003.

      Email: At the branch. Use the Enquiries counter.

    What if your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction?

    If you are still unhappy with the resolution of your complaint and wish to engage further, please follow the steps below:

    Step 1.  Contact the branch Manager, if you lodged your complaint at the branch

    Step 2.  Reach out to the Head office Service desk through

    Step 3.  Write to the Sales and Service Manager

                                                                                              Standard Bank Malawi

                                                                                              P.O. BOX 30380

                                                                                              Capital City

                                                                                              Lilongwe 3   

    Step 4.   Write to the Head of Personal and Business Banking on the same Standard Bank Malawi postal address or call +265 999 912 346      

    Step 5.  Finally, you may write to our Chief Executive Officer on the same Standard Bank Malawi address or call +265 993 786 344