21 Nov 2019

In our quest to improve teaching and learning standards in tertiary institutions, Standard Bank donated 100 chairs to Malawi College of Health Sciences at its Lilongwe campus on November 8, 2019.

A donation of this nature speaks volumes of Standard Bank’s commitment towards the improvement education standards in the country. We believe that education is the backbone of socio-economic development of the people. It is therefore common practice within our value system to render total support towards academic endeavors across all stages. We might not benefit directly from graduates from this institution due to varying nature of our trades. However, a healthy Malawi is a direct consequence of work delivered by graduates from institutions such as this, will translate into an expanded and healthy customer base for Standard Bank. Furthermore, healthy employees will always be key to efficient delivery of services to our customers.  

One would ask, Why desks?

Learning is a process that involves many elements including good infrastructure and furniture. Class work forms the backbone of a student’s success. It is only healthy that every student gets a demarcated and dedicated area where they can settle down and comfortably do their work. Surely, a desk is an essential piece of furniture that plays a great role in how the Education sector can shape reliable and productive graduates.  This is why Standard Bank appreciates the need for academic institutions to have proper furniture as way of facilitating good delivery of lessons by lecturers and amicable uptake by students.

The donation was led by the Chief Financial Officer for Standard Bank, Mrs Temwani Simwaka.